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All processing stages are carried out over 24 hours without interruptions. During the processing, several analyses are made in order to verify the chemical - physical parameters and to evaluate organoleptic characteristics with a panel - test.

The entire chain is controlled at each stage of production to guarantee the origin and the quality of the product.


Our creations:

*  Monovarietal olive oil extra virgin "Buža"


*  Monovarietal olive oil extra virgin "Leccno"

*  "3S" - extra virgin olive oil originates from the three autochthonous Istrian olive varieties "Istrian Bjelica, Buža and Črnica"


*  Selection "Odabir" created by six different varieties

*  These flavored olive oil 

"Space oil - Lemon" with homemade biological lemon.


*  These flavored olive oil 

"Space oil -Garlic and Rosemary" with homemade garlic and rosemary.

Each of these oils has its unique characteristic charmed  taste and smell. The same are available in packages of 0.1 l, 0.25 l, and 0.50 l.

Location: OliveCharm Rožac 5, 52470 Umag - Hr

© OliveCharm - Sandro 

Proudly created with



Autohtona an old Istrian varietal of highly appreciated taste and qualities. Taught by experience harvested in ideal moment gives to us the ideal traits. Acquires golden yellow to light green color. Provides a strong fruity flavor and fragrance  on olives fruit, artichoke, aromatic herbs and apples. Bitternest and   piquancy are very uniform and balanced.


Perfect complements and is an ideal addition to the fresh raw foods. It will also make a perfect impression to enrich raw  blue fish and especially tuna or salmon dishes. Especially enriches and offers a special Mediterranean charm to the fish carpaccio and provides a special flavor to delicious risotto with seafood as well. Just a few drops of Buža are enough to make desserts such as vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate crumbs becoming a hedonistic paradisiacal pleasure ...



the ideal combination of six different varieties of the natural ratios, selected with personal experience and perennial attempts. This creates distinctive golden liquid juice magnificent yellow-green colors, with the smell and taste of the fruit of fresh olives, medicinal and aromatic herbs, almonds and tomato, moderate bitterness and pungency.


This hignes standard extra virgin olive oil, rich handful of smell and taste, encourages, inspires the creation of divine dishes. Extraordinary complements the veal and lamb under the lid, asparagus risotto, fish, seafood, shellfish, grilled vegetables, various salads, and minestrone ...



Leccino is one of the most widespread varieties of the world because of its high adaptability to different agro-ecological conditions. Olives of this variety ripens early and is resistant to low temperatures. Extremely well adapted to deep Istrian red earth. To ensure maximum quality oils of this variety is recommended reading when the fruit begins to darken. Expressed a fresh fruity flavor by olive fruit.


Recommended with marinated tuna, fresh salads, fried fish and mature cheeses. Oil gives excellent flavor to grilled calamari and cuttlefish. Great fits with various fresh seasonal salads. Ice cream, panna cota, vanilla cream, wild berries and strawberries, cheesecake and ovine curd  with a few drops of Leccino become wonderful and charming excellent dessert...


Istarska Bjelica, Črnica, Buža

These old  olives cultivars, typical of the north region of Istria and the area of Umag. From ancient times the trees were planted in equal proportions along, or in the vineyard. Due to mergers three varieties with different characteristics of bitterness and piquantness we obtained very high quality, rounded and harmonized oil .  The oil is golden green full of flavor with smell on the cut grass, green olives, artichoke, almonds, wild asparagus and radicchio. Pronounced bitterness and moderate piquancy.


The special charm and fullness of flavor will give to the marinated meats, goes well with hard aged cheeses, topping of chocolate, chocolate ice cream or mousse. Such it gives us an excellent dessert in which the oil bitterness blends flavored delicacies connected to the magic combination of bitter-sweet charm and refreshing mouthful...


Space oil - Lemon

this oil is divine golden yellow colors
with addition of local organic lemon.

Along with irresistible lemon all other aromas are wery well balanced and a a perfect harmonious bitterness that  with spicy retro tones rounded the properties of this liquid gold.

The  old Greeks and Romans, who knew very well the value of this extraordinary blend, with right they called it also just like we did "liquid gold".


It combines irresistibly with delicate combinations of delicacies, especially with octopus salad or with fresh fish
on the grill for instance...


But certainly we must also mention his health benefits including revitalization of the body and detox
because of lemons until olive oil supplies the body with essential fatty acids that help in the fight against bad cholesterol etc ...


Space oil - Garlic & Rosemary


intense green-yellow color with strong fragrant and delicious shades of rosemary and homemade garlic with a retro flavor to the ripe tomatoes, basil and napkins.
Very well balanced and pleasant bitterness with retro pungency.


Overwhelming are in addition to steak, roast lamb, cooked beef, grilled meat, oily fish , and with aged cheeses as well. Only with a few drops of this charmed oil on marinated wild berries in oranges or cottage cheese with sage honey becomes tempting desserts which is hard to resist...


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